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Dunn Shrine Club

Dunn Shrine Club - Having Fun & Helping Children

Welcome to Dunn Shrine Club

 Who are the Shriners? A brotherhood of men...dedicated to fun and fellowship...but with a serious purpose.  Shriners are distinguished by an enjoyment of life and a commitment to philanthropy. They enjoy parades, trips, dances, dinners, sporting events and other social occasions. They support what has been called the "World's Greatest Philanthropy," Shriners Hospitals for Children, a network of 22 pediatric specialty hospitals, operated and maintained by the Shriners. All children, up to 18 years old, may be eligible for treatment at Shriners Hospitals if they, in the opinion of the hospital's chief of staff, could benefit from the specialized care available at Shriners Hospitals. Eligibility is not based on financial need or relationship to a Shriner.     

What does it mean to be a Shriner?   It means a man who cares about his community. A good Father, Brother or Son. A good Husband and Friend. A man who loves his family. Values friendship. Embraces life … And always gives back.   The Fez is our ancient symbol but the modern man who wears it is a man who makes a difference. Dunn Shriners … Brotherhood, Fun, Philanthropy and Family.


Drawing First Sunday of the Month (Day)

NC Lottery Pick 3

  All ticket stubs must be filled out eligibly and fully and turned in to Dunn Shrine Club by May 30, 2017.   Winning numbers will be posted the following Monday at: www.DunnShrineClub.com and will remain on the website for 4 consecutive weeks.  


 Winners must be 21 and older and pass a background check. 

Dunn Shrine Club Fraternal Fundraiser Proceeds are for the benefit of Dunn Shrine Club. Payments are not deductible as Charitable Contributions.  

Dunn Shrine Club 2017 -2018 Gun Raffle Rules

  1. Ticket holders have 4 weeks to claim their prizes. After 4 weeks, any unclaimed prizes will be forfeited and the winning ticket voided for that particular month. No substitution prizes will be awarded.
  2. All tickets purchased are eligible to participate in the monthly drawing for the 12-month period of June 1, 2017 through May 31, 2018 and are eligible to win multiple months.
  3. All winning tickets must be claimed through the Dunn Shrine Club’s designated Federal Firearms Dealer. All participants must be able to register the firearm with the proper authorities in order to receive the gun. (No exceptions.) No gun will be awarded until the federal firearms paperwork has been approved.
  4. Each winner is responsible for any and all taxes.
  5. If an individual is declined by the ATF or is unable to meet the ATF Form 4473 requirements, the prize is forfeited and a $250 prize will be awarded.
  6. If a winning ticket holder decides to have a firearm shipped, it is the ticket purchaser’s responsibility to have the gun shipped to their local Federal Firearms Dealer of their choice. Any and all costs associated with having the gun shipped are the sole responsibility of the winning ticket purchaser.
  7. Prizes picked up locally will have no shipping or transfer cost.
  8. Each winner has the right to choose $250.00 in place of the prize won. Money prizes will be mailed in the form of a check from Dunn Shrine Club in Dunn, NC, payable only to the name on the winning entry form/ticket.
  9. Dunn Shrine Club, Sudan Shriners, Shriners International or any other affiliated body makes no warranty of firearms; winners will deal directly with manufacturers should any problems arise. Dunn Shrine Club, Sudan Shriners, Shriners International or any other affiliated body makes no claims of firearm suitability of purpose of firearms won. Dunn Shrine Club, Sudan Shriners, Shriners International or any other affiliated body is in no way responsible for the use or misuse of any prize won. Dunn Shrine Club, Sudan Shriners, Shriners International or any other affiliated body limits any and all liability to the purchase price of the ticket purchased.  

2017-2018 Winning Raffle Numbers, 12-Month Gun Raffle